Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Strawberry Trick

There is some knitting news, but I don't want to talk about it. Because if I actually put in writing what I did with the gusset decreases, somebody will come over and take my knitting needles away. And I really need those needles to make some more knitting mistakes.

However, I will share my strawberry obsession and the trick I just learned. (Thanks, Lauren!)

First, you need strawberries--luscious, tasty, juicy, delicious strawberries

Then, take a straw--yes, a straw--insert it into the small end of the berry

and push it through. Off pops the leafy tip!

Repeat for all the strawberries. The larger ones may need an extra poke.

And soon you're left with strawberries with holes thru them, leafy tops and berry cores

Slice 'em up

and eat 'em.

I indulged in my once every strawberry season decadent treat--strawberries over chocolate ice cream!


sherriknits said...

Oh gosh, you make me wish I had stopped at the strawberry stand today. I think I'll have to go visit it soon. I loved that trick.

Lol about the needles and the mistakes. I won't ask.

sherriknits said...

10 min. after I commented, my daughter said, "Mom, there are strawberries in the refrigerator from the strawberry stand." I tried your trick and it was GREAT! Thanks!

sonja said...

Whoever heard of strawberries on chocolate ice cream?! Berries looks great. EVERY knitter makes mistakes. That's the wonderful and freeing think I learned on the internet.

Linda said...

What a clever trick. I will give it a try.

The DeDe said...

Ingenius. Why have I been spending forever cutting of the stem of strawberries when I could be dipping them in chocolate ice cream...w/ whip cream? You have my mouth watering