Thursday, July 19, 2007

Same Old, Same Old

I’m bored. Bored with vacation. Bored with my knitting.

And this was my goal for the week!

For nine years, hubster and I have been taking a vacation week in the same little cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of NYS.

Trees, rocks, water. Ducks and canoes. The daily visit to the ice cream stand. BBQ on Saturday night. Logging trucks. Motor boats. Sitting in Adirondack chairs on the dock. Jewel-toned sunsets. Drinking coffee on the porch. Bears everywhere!

An easy-peasy week. Mindless. No surprises.

I brought with me a bag full of knitting projects. I thought I would finish both the Tabloid Socks and the Forest Canopy Shawl. And maybe another pair of socks would be started.

As an afterthought, I threw in Catalina's alpaca/silk in the Baby Steel color. I also brought along the pattern for the Victorian Lace Shawl from St. Seraphina Knits.

First night, I cast on for the shawl.

An easy-peasy knit. Mindless. No surprises.

The blue of the shawl seemed to be one with the blue of the sky and the lake. And the waves in the lake are repeated in the shawl’s ripples.

Vacation is almost over. Soon we’ll return to rigors of city life. Exploding steam pipes. Subways. Schedules. Terrorist threats. Must-go-to events.

And my knitting will resume the ssks and yos and the charts that always challenge me.

But for now, one more boring day and a few more boring pattern repeats.


sonja said...

Embrace Boredom! Love the pictures. Love the cabin.

sherriknits said...

Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful! I'm so sorry you're bored....

At least you have beautiful pictures to remind yourself what it was like to be bored when you're back in the craziness of life. :) Thanks for sharing!