Friday, July 6, 2007

Slopes and Lines

Over the past few days, I've crossed a line.

Take a look at that sock. With this sock I:
*experimented with a different type of heel
*picked up the dreaded gusset stitches (my nemesis) without having to refer to online help

Um, OK. . . some honesty in blogging here. I did the gusset stitches all by myself, but I picked up a wildly uneven number for each side. But that leads me to:
*figured out and fudged what to do with this wildly uneven number of picked up stitches
*didn't create a hole between the heel and foot

The gusset slopes may be a teeny bit wonky. But I doubt that the gentleman on his galloping horse will ever come down and inspect this sock for wonky slopes.

They look fine and they fit.

Line crossed.


Margaret H said...

they look beeyoutiful ... but if you're really gussetphobic, you should definitely try toe-up - my preferred sock style ... everything I make toe-up fits like a little dream!
happy weekend, and please stay cool, IYKWIM...

Rita said...

Hallo Mary. Thank you for the nice comment about my shawl on KR. I envy you for your ability in knitting socks. I have yet to knit my first pair! :)

Devorah said...

Congratulations on conquering the gusset! The sock looks just fine from this distance and as long as it fits, that is all that matters.

Panhandle Jane said...

I have to take careful notes on every sock, or I lose track on the gussets as well. I had to frog back the other day because I just kept decreasing while my husband was driving!