Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vacation Knitting

I'll soon be enjoying sunsets such as:

and I'll be doing the BEST type of knitting--Traveling and Vacation Knitting!

Hubster and I are leaving very, very soon and nothing is packed except the knitting.

The before picture:

In that pile you'll see:
*a pair of nearly finished Tabloid Socks
*the Forest Canopy Shawl in progress
*some Trekking yarn for socks I might cast on for
*some other sock yarn I might also cast on
*Catalina alpaca silk and a pattern for a shawl

On our vacation I will:
A) steadily work a bit on every project and come home with Tabloid Socks and FCS done and the others all in progress
B) finish the Tabloid Socks, begin another pair of socks and fret about the FCS
C) stop at a yarn store on the way, impulsively buy yarn for something else and then work only on that
D) forget how to knit, stare at the lake and quack at the ducks

The Internet comes on vacation with us, so sunset and knitting updates will be posted mid-week.


sonja said...

Oh! I'm already envious just looking at that lake. Both you and Kay at the lake knitting and quilting. What a life. Enjoy!! Looks like there is a lot of fun in that yarn collection.

sherriknits said...

Just don't forget how to knit! That lake is beautiful!!!!

yarnmule said...

Well, the internet is going with you, which complicates things... I'll vote for B.

Either way, have a fantastic time, and bring back lots of sunset pictures!

margaret said...

have a great time!

Anne said...

I think I like the 'forget how to knit' idea haha - especially if you're going to have sunsets like that!

Sacha said...

Have a fantastic vacation. :)