Friday, September 14, 2007

Showing a Good Time

The long-neglected Tabloid Socks were pulled out of the UFO abyss and shown a good time yesterday afternoon. There was some alfresco knitting.

Enjoyed a manicure / pedicure

and ended the afternoon with a coffee and a muffin.

These babies have been on the needles for too long. Yesterday's jaunt was just the beginning. The Tabloid Socks can expect a good time all weekend.

Have a good one, everyone! And show your UFO socks a good time!


sherriknits said...

Mary! I was going to email you today and see if you were ok. we really have to pull out our ufo's? hmmmmmm

StringPlay said...

Way to show a UFO a good time! I think my only/lonely silk stocking could do with a muffin. Good idea.

Devorah said...

Boy, you sure know how to show a sock a good time! How do you knit while getting a manicure?

Windyridge said...

For once I don't have a sock UFO! And when I did, I didn't treat them nearly as well as you do!

Linda said...

Those UFO's got around more than me yesterday.