Tuesday, January 29, 2008

B is for. . . . . .

BINDERS full of patterns.

We live in a teeny tiny apartment and I just don't have the room to save magazines. And the organizational skills to index the patterns in the saved magazines? Nope, don't have that either.

So after a trip to Staples for binders and sheet protectors, I'm slowly going through a few years worth of knitting magazines. Being ripped out are patterns that currently interest me and look somewhat knitable.

Yeah, I know I may miss some--but, I'm not worried. There will always be more patterns!

I have five binders set up--one each for shawls, socks, sweaters, scarves and hats/gloves. Two more will be made--one for miscellaneous things (home items, gifts) and one for techniques.

Being a visual person, I'm using pictures as labels.

What do you do with your knitting magazines?


The DeDe said...

Awesome! What a great idea. Sometimes the pages in a magazine I've used for a pattern end up unreadable and worn beyond repair. Storing them like this is a great way to protect them. I'm inspired!

zippiknits said...

That's a great idea. Wow. As soon as I have two minutes together to get to the binders, I'm stealing your system. =0)

Vicki Knitorious said...

The trick is finding a system that works for you -- and it looks like you've done that!

My magazines are stacked inside somewhat decorative storage boxes that are stacked and used to hold a couple small baskets of WIPs and yarn.

sherriknits said...

Mine are here there and everywhere. I love your system!

StringPlay said...

Makes me determined to at LEAST create some order for my many, many copies! (But what about B for Barney??)

charli said...

I review them every once in a while. Now that I'm a little more experienced there are a lot more things I can make now as opposed to a couple of years ago. And I do enjoy looking through them every now and again.

I keep attempting/wanting an index of my mags, but the task is so daunting that it never quite happens. I only subscribe to IK and VK, so it's not to big a pile. yet. Perhaps you will inspire me to work on the index. nah, who am I kidding?

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Lara said...

That's a great idea! DH is Army, so we'll be moving a lot and into on-base housing (not known for being spacious). I'd been wondering how to pare down my knitting mags - I just might steal your system!

Monica Silva said...

Great idea. They'll feel like new in 6 months. I just browse the knitting magazines at the bookstore and haven't bought any for myself. I'm still looking for knitting magazines with middle-eastern patterns. By the way, Happy Blogiversary!