Monday, January 21, 2008

The Big Reveal

In the last post, a new project was mentioned...big, never seen in these parts project.

OK--time for the reveal.

Hint #1:

Hint #2:

Hint #3:

Yep, I'm a sweater virgin. Have never knit one. This is a first.

The pattern will basically be Mason-Dixon's Perfect Sweater but tweaked using Ann Budd's sweater pattern book.

Cascade 220 / The Heathers in #2424 (Summer Evening) is the yarn. And, much to my surprise, I achieved gauge on size 6 needles.

My fingers are really itching to begin! But, since Math is involved, I'm not rushing into this blindly and impulsively. Next up will the measuring and drawing a schematic.

Any and all advice will be gladly welcomed!


Devorah said...

Have faith in Budd and used post-its to mark where you are in the pattern. If you do the sleeves separately, write down exactly what you do. At least that is how I proceed. Budd is good. VERY good. Good Luck!

margaret in manhattan said...

darlin', please WASH AND BLOCk your swatch - your gauge WILL change as you're knitting it - trust me!

and I pray to the deities that you aren't going to get B-O-R-E-D making it
I know whereof I speak ... ;o)

but very very good luck with it -


Jane said...

Go Mary! The color is beautiful and suits you perfectly!

StringPlay said...

Yarn looks wonderful. What an adventure!

Linda said...

You are a brave lady!!! It's one thing to do a scarf or an afghan, but a sweater. WOW!!!!

It's cold and we got a little snow today. At last, it feels like winter. Have fun with your new project!

The DeDe said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! Way to be a "fearless knitter". I can't wait to watch you knitting it via the blogisphere.

Windyridge said...

Good luck!! I won't even tell you about my first and so far last sweater. I will have to post about soon.

zippiknits said...

You will love the way you can custom fit that pattern. It will have the fit of a well made T shirt. Best Wishes, New Sweater Knitter! Isn't Cascade a nice yarn?