Friday, January 18, 2008

FO Friday

TWO finished objects to show!

Last week, the twee pink fluffy angora booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts were given to the new baby. This is the third pair I've made in the past few months and, I swear, that's it! Never again will the word twee be seen on this blog.

Yarn: Joseph Galler's Belangora in Powder
Needle size: 5

The Maine Morning Mitts were finished just in time for this weekend's cold spell. (Follow the link for the pattern.)

Yarn is the scrumydelicious wool/silk of Sheep Shop 3 worked on size 5 needles. The only modification I made is that they're an inch longer than the pattern specified.

And I changed the name of 'em.

Whenever I think of Maine Morning, I picture the rocky Maine coast, a foggy dawn, lobster boats coming in.

But, that's not my life.

These fingerless gloves are better named:
It's Winter and I'm Sitting Near the Door of Starbucks on Knit Night Mitts
I'm Running Late and/or I'm Lazy, So I'm Hailing a Cab Mitts

On the needles:
This weekend I'll be casting on a quick on-the-go project. And I'll be swatching for a big, never seen in these parts project. Details to follow ad nauseam.


Jane said...

I love your mitts' names. No matter what you call 'em, they're great!

StringPlay said...

A rose is a rose....LOVE the mitts and know they feel great. Longer is a good idea to keep those fingers warm. Congrats on MULTIPLE FOs!! TGIF.

Windyridge said...

Ok ya got me curious now....