Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Diversion

We interrupt the knitting of the mini shawl, to start something new:

I've been wanting to:
*learn, practice Magic Loop
*use a 32" rather than a 40" cable for Magic Looping
*use up some stash yarn
*have a small project to carry in my purse

And it all came together when I received that sweet bag from the multi-talented Sonja!

Isn't the bag lovely? Sonja sewed the mah jongg print fabric into such a perfect bag. (She remembered that I have a mah jongg obsession.) I just love this bag! Thank you, Sonja.

The project is the the Ribbed and Ruffled Wristlets from the Magic Loop booklet. It's just enough to give me some practice with Magic Loop without a long-term commitment.


margaret in manhattan said...

don't worry ... you're gonna LOVE ML!

great cute bag as well -

StringPlay said...

Jerry would say "multi-personalitied". LOL He's named several of mine and often calls me by one name or the other depending on how he perceives my mood! What a joker. Do you think if I made myself a bag I could do the Magic Loop? Still scares me.

jamie said...

I <3 ML :)

Sheri said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mary! And yes, I love those bags that the multi talented Sonja makes! You're both very talented!
Sheri in SE GA