Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yesterday, the skies were blue and the sun was shining--a perfect day!

But we had to say good-bye:

On the way home, we visited the alpacas once more:

And we noticed that fall in the North Country is on its way:

Today, I feel like doing this most of the day:

But I will take time to wish my birthday twin a happy day!


rosi-r said...

Happy Birthday, Mary. That mountain air can put you into super relax mode, that's for sure. Beautiful photos.
See you and Sandi in November, I hope, I hope.

margaret in manhattan said...


Devorah said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday! A nice nap in the grass would be divine, wouldn't it?

StringPlay said...

Happy Birthday. LOVED that last visual on this post. It's your birthday. If you want to nap all day, it's your call.

sherriknits said...

Happy birthday to you! I agree with you, it would be a fine day for a grandbaby (but it doesn't look too promising).

Loved the pictures as always! I wish I was sleeping ike that, too!

Windyridge said...

I know, there is lots of color already up on Black Lake! That started in mid August! It seems a tad early.