Thursday, August 7, 2008


Was any knitting done during this mountain vacation?
Why, yes there was!

I brought enough yarn and needles for about six projects, but I worked on only one using the green and gray yarn.

I wasn't sure what this yarn wanted to be and I tried a few different things.
Neither I nor the yarn was happy.

Even when I decided on this mini shawl and cast on for it, I still wasn't happy. I'm not a big fan of garter stitch.

But the soothing, boring pattern grew on me. I was able to watch the lake and talk to the hubster and listen to an audiobook without worrying that I would mess up my knitting.

Boring and care-free. That's what I like in a vacation!

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StringPlay said...

Boring and Carefree is exactly what I like in a vacation. But your shawl is not boring. I was thinking how much I liked the garter stitch in that first picture before I even 'strolled' down to see the shawl. I really like. And the yarn looks very nice.