Thursday, December 4, 2008


What seems like an eternity ago, I signed up for a couple of Sundara sock collections.

And then forgot about them.

8:45 this morning, the doorbell rings. The mailman with a package.


This seems to be Sundara's Surprise--the artist's choice mixed palette. As Sundara says of artist's choice, "Colors within these color families will be developed by Sundara and in the spirit of creativity, surprise and spontaneity, subscribers will not chose specific colors."

And to make it even more surprising, I chose the "all colors possible" mixed palette.

The colors are from the top:
the breezy, sunny South Pacific, the mysterious, sultry Fragrant Night and the yummy Chocolate Raspberry.

What's even more surprising is that I bought two skeins of each. That totals 700 yards of each color.

What was I thinking? Shawls? Huge socks?

I love, love, love this yarn! But I see a yarn diet in the near future. Well, after I receive my second mailing from Sundara. (I checked my email and saw I signed up for another collection.) And in a day or so, I'll be receiving a most gorgeous surprise from Briar Rose Fibers.


Larissa said...

Oh, I'm completely in love with the Fragrant Night and Chocolate raspberry. Very envious!

stringplay said...

I'm now humming "Some Enchanted Evening". Must be that South Pacific colorway. ALL are so beautiful. Just enjoy the yarn and the beautiful colors. No need to think of a project yet.