Monday, January 5, 2009

My So Called Indecision

I have a Big Project planned for the New Year that will require my attention. That means sitting in a sensory deprivation booth.

So I also needed an easy-peasy travel/knit group project. Big yarn on big needles type of thing. Since I seem to be off socks right now, I figured a scarf is always a good thing.

Celebrated Knitty City's third anniversary by buying some Merisoft Handpainted in colors that I love. Grays, black. pinks, browns. A new scarf to get through these gloomy, gray days would be just the thing!

Thought My So Called Scarf would be a good match of yarn and pattern.

Now I'm not so sure.

Swatched it on three different needles--10.5, 9 and 8. IF I were to make this scarf, I'll go with the 9 or 8.

IF I were to make this scarf. IF I use this stitch.

I sort of like it. . . but something about it isn't working for me. Maybe my eye just has to get used to the stitch.

I have so freakin' much to do today--but, here I sit looking for other stitch patterns. For an easy-peasy scarf. AAARGH!

To be continued.

Then there's the Big Project I'm itching to start. . .


sherri said...

tell! tell!

TGL said...

I have found that some of the soft big merino skeins that jump into my lap at the LYS really only like to be knit in stockinette. Oh, they'll tell you all about the other stitches that will work for them, but OTN the colors get all murky and muddy. And yet a stockinette scarf will curl up on you every time. Yarn. Ha-rumph!