Monday, January 26, 2009

No Sewing, Please.

I hate and despise sewing. I pay to have buttons sewn on. I've been known to duct tape up a hem rather than sew.

So, with my knitting, I try to work on projects that don't require sewing.

Yes, I've knit socks cuff down. And I've unsuccessfully attempted to kitchener the toes.

Then Nancy Bush got me using the drawstring French toe. No sewing!

So it's only natural that I love and adore the three-needle bind-off. And I intended to use it to graft the two ends of the headband.

But there was a problem.

I didn't do a provisional cast-on. I had no live stitches on the beginning end.

But did that stop me? NOOOOOO!

Do you see what I see?

Yep, there's three needles! And I'm binding-off.

I ripped out the cast-on -- not a pretty sight, but it worked. Knit another row in pattern and got to work.

Now that's a pretty sight!

Yes, I know there's a loose end or two that needs weaving in. Not crazy about that either. But, I'll make sure to do it ASAP--or maybe I'll duct tape the ends into the headband.

Speaking of loose ends, here's a (blurry) photo of when I ran out of yarn:

Cici got it on the nose at 17 1/2 inches. Congratulations! Your prize (a skein of yarn--enough for a headband) will be on its way.

Also, it turned out the the headband was very stretchy and I only needed to knit less than an inch of the new yarn.
New yarn, old yarn-- my favorite!


stringplay said...

Sheer Will and Determination - works every time. Glad you found a no-sew solution. Congrats to the Cici.

cici said...

Thank you so much for the yarn. I love it.. I want to make a headband like the one you did.. I finally posted about it. thanks again. Sorry I am so late. I am enjoying reading your blog.