Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday--Part 2

Today was perfect!

Hubster and I took a walk in Central Park where we saw

a lake


an artist

and a couple posing for wedding photos.

We ate lunch.

No, not here!


I have a thing about eating outdoors (or semi-outdoors) on my birthday. The restaurant must be airy and light and have a beautiful view. I did OK with this for this birthday!

And finally, at home, there were


and birthday cakes!

Thank you, everybody, for your warm birthday greetings! You all helped make this such a wonderful day.


rosi-r said...

Happy Birthday Mary! Wow, you have some wonderful husband, there. I'm sending this page to my husband, although he'll forget by next June.

minipurl said...

What an awesome birthday. Wonderful pictures too :)

stringplay said...

Wow. Bob is doing a great job up there! What lovely roses. Sounds like the day was just perfect. What a fabulous place to lunch.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I am glad you are having such a good time celebrating your birthday! Thanks for the link about the wedding couples. I never would have never guessed how expensive a traditional Japanese wedding could be.

Devorah said...

Happy, Happy Day!!!

Lynne said...

Wow, you were so totally spoiled before and after your birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful day in the park.

Lots of wonderful songs came out of that musical! But for sure I don't think you want to "wash that man right out of your hair!" I think he's a keeper!

Iron Needles said...

Awesome! Happy birthday, albeit late. It sounds like it was a grand time.

I just love a good baseball game.