Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of September

Standing on the precipice of September, I wonder about the month ahead.

What student doesn't think the year always begins in September?

New clothes, new shoes, a pencil bag full of new pens and pencils, new textbooks, notebooks with stiff spines and doodle-free pages.

Since I worked in education, that sense of new things happening in September never left me.

So it is this September.

This weekend, I'll put away the perfect bag and step up the search for the perfect black purse. Sometime during the month, sandals will be exchanged for shoes with toes and sweaters will be bought.

As much as I wish it could remain my August birthday forever with its sunny, airy days--life keeps happening. Things change. We deal with it. It's September and that's what we do.

What does this mean for my knitting?

Stay tuned. There's yarns ahead. (BWHAHAHAHA!)


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stringplay said...

Much cooler weather here today and very overcast. It had a fall feeling for me even though I know there is much hot weather to get through before fall really arrives. Still, like you, I have that back-to-school feeling. Maybe I should buy myself a new pencil.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing your perfect black purse and your yarn. With our year round schools and always warm weather, we don't get to experience the change of seasons here. I do miss the crisp fresh air of fall that you enjoy. Thanks for refreshing my memory.