Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Lesson Learned

Since this is my first sweater, I didn't trust myself to just follow the pattern. I had to overthink it!

One thing I questioned was the what, how, where and even the why of the waist shaping. I bugged other knitters. I took notes. I drew charts and made lists. And, despite all the help I was getting, it didn't click.

I should know better. I'm a retired learning specialist. I went to workshops--geez, I gave workshops--on learning styles!

Teacher--teach, thyself!

Am I a visual learner? Not really. I like displays and charts--but I need something more.
Auditory? Nope--not at all. Talk goes in one ear and out the other!
Kinesthetic? Hands on? Feel it? Touch it? BINGO! That's me!

So I knit another swatch where I worked the shaping. I put the words of the pattern into action.

OHHHH! Now I get it!

This pattern is fabulous--it's so intuitive. Perfect for a new to sweater-knitting knitter! After this week's detour, I'll be casting on again.


margaret in manhattan said...

so happy that you "grokked" it! sometimes that's all it takes ... you're going to do just fine from now on -

margaret in manhattan said...

ps - don't get me wrong - sometimes it PAYS to overthink a pattern, especially if you don't know the pattern writer's stuff very well - but in this case, the designer is definitely to be trusted ;o)

Jane said...

Your swatch looks really nice. I love Anne Hanson's patterns. I'm working on Highlander, although it's hibernating a bit when I realized it wouldn't get done by winter. (Although with the heft and length of this winter, I should have continued!) Love the Jackie sweater!

Susan said...

I've done that but I think in this case you can trust the designer. But doing it in a swatch is always a good idea. Oh, and I love the color.

Jackie said...

I'm a slow learner when it comes to knitting. Sometimes it takes practice. Smart girl for getting it figured out first!

Anonymous said...

Your shaping looks perfect! I like to work things out in yarn too. It will be interesting sewing the side seams and matching the ribs.

YesterUkes said...

I'm just impressed with the words, "my first sweater." I have not gotten that brave yet. The thoughts of having to make something fit unnerves me.

Bubblesknits said...

That's how I learn best, too. Made college really hard at times, though. lol Glad it's clicking for you now!

Anonymous said...

You rock! Always trust yourself!

Jolene said...

It's so funny, isn't it, what intimidates each of us? I've made a handful of sweaters but have yet to even cast on a sock. Turning a heel? Completely scares me. Your swatch looks great -- can't wait to see the sweater!