Monday, February 15, 2010


Remember the sock I cast on?

Look at it now. Something's different.

Yep, different needles. I started the sock on a size 1, 9 inch Hiya Hiya needle. I love that little needle! My short fingers can easily handle it. I knit on them for about a day and a half--no trouble. Then I cast on for the sweater. Size 5 needle, 24 inches. Huge by comparison!

I worked on the sweater for a while and then went back to the sock. And I couldn't handle the little needle anymore! I tried a couple of rounds and it was torture. Not only did my fingers cramp, they had also forgotten how to even hold the needle. I took an overnight break from knitting the sweater to see if my touch for the Hiya Hiya needle returned. It didn't.

So I transferred the sock over to double points--size 0. I like to go down to 0 for the sock body--the fabric is firmer. A tight knit sock won't wear out as quickly as one that's knit looser.

So as much as I complained about dpns and swore I would never, ever use them again--there I was happily and quickly knitting on them! When using them, there's a feeling of substance.

I thought about two needles and magic loop--but I just wasn't in the mood for them. And, besides, I really like using the needle tube!


Diane said...

I've tried magic loop and two needles and short circs and I always come back to my wooden DPNs for socks. They're my comfort zone.

Jackie said...

DPNs are my favorite! I have big hands and long fingers so the 9" circs don't work for me at all.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should switch back to DPs too. I just ripped out a pair of magic loop socks to start over. I love your bright red needle tube. It is such a cheery color.

stringplay said...

I love my needle tubes and I love my dpns. The sock is looking great and your new camera takes wonderful pictures.

Devorah said...

I go back between wood (bamboo) dpns and magi loop depending on the project, what is free and how I will be schleping it.

Nice looking sock!

Bubblesknits said...

I do the same thing. It just depends on what my hands feel like that week. lol

sherriknits said...

I tried the 9" needle after you raved about it, I just cannot do it. It took me forever to do aobut 3 rows.

I have had to move down to 00 needles. I was out of town this weekend and had my 0s with me and it looked like the socks were knit iwth 3s. I had to go to the yarn store and they had 1 40" 00 so that's what I'm using. I like 2 circs or dpns the best.

Susan said...

I like the dpn's the best, too. It just seems easier. But I don't have a tube, must get one.

NutmegOwl said...

I CANNOT use those short circs. They make my hands SCREAM. But then again, I'm a 2AAT with one circ gal.