Friday, February 26, 2010

D is for

Dresser scarves. Old crocheted ones.

When I was digging out the crocheted bedspread, I found these dresser scarves.

This time, however, I don't think anybody in my family crocheted them.

Years ago, a friend was cleaning out his parents' apartment and he gave me a bagful of crochet work done by his mother. I'm fairly sure these are from then.

I never met his mother -- she died when my friend was fairly young. But, as I look at these crocheted dresser scarves, I imagine she enjoyed the challenge and the beauty of these pieces. She must have been very proud of them. And I feel guilty that I've put them aside and forgot about them.


Sidney said...

you honor her memory in your admiration and appreciation for her work, even though you didn't know her.

Paula said...

What a wonderful dedication

stringplay said...

Lovely pieces! I look at them and think of all the time invested, but it wasn't work it was pleasure, I'm sure, for the needleworker. I'm sure she'd be pleased (and maybe surprised) that not only do you appreciate them, but with today's technology that you can share them and so many of us can admire them as well.

Anonymous said...

I love doing thread crochet. Those pieces are wonderful.

Annie said...

Forgetting: it happens. But at least the pieces are still here and you admire them, and let us do the same. Thanks!

YesterUkes said...

Those are lovely pieces. As is your bedspread. Can't imagine the time it took to make even one of them. Maybe before TV and computers and Facebook and blogs, there actually WAS time for such things. (But then I love your blog!)

You have some treasures.

minipurl said...

Dresser scarves: I have a collection of them that my grandmother and mom used for years. It's amazing to see the work that goes into these little treasures.
Thanks for sharing.