Friday, March 19, 2010

Signs of Spring

Daffodils beginning to bloom

and wooly socks--freshly washed so they can be put away till next fall.

Over the weekend, I'll be washing the wintery handknit scarves and putting them away also. As much as I welcome the warmer weather, it's a little sad to say good-bye.

HOWEVER, when we go on vacation to the mountains this summer, I'll dig out a pair of wool socks and bring a shawl with me. And maybe the sweater I'm knitting will be done by then and I'll need it. Long-time readers, remember this vacation? That week in July was colder than some winter weeks in NYC!

So I guess a sign of summer will be a photo of me pulling out some woolens for vacation. Can't wait!


sherriknits said...

Without even going to look, I totally remember that summer!
Where did you find daffodils? In the park?

Your socks look beautiful all lined up there drying.

YesterUkes said...

Our daffodils are in full bloom and the camellias are just about to pop out. Today was a glorious day here! Love the photos.

Jackie said...

I love daffodils! Time in the mountains in the summer is a great chance to pull some of those hand knits back out. Here in Florida I often can wear a shawl most places indoors because the a/c is so cool.

Anonymous said...

I love daffodils too. The bulbs have to be put in the freezer here and then planted in the spring. You are lucky to live in an area that is perfect for spring bulbs.

stringplay said...

I'm relaxed just thinking about a vacation.

Iron Needles said...

Well, I dug out the warm socks and a scarf today. 6-ish inches of snow for us and chill to the bone temps.

Sunday will be back to the 50's but too early for me to put my woolens away!

Jane said...

It will be a few weeks before I can put the wool socks away, but I'm looking forward to it! Thank you for the daffodils!

jan said...

I was just sorting my socks last evening, and putting away the woolens. It is a very satisfying ritual!

Knitted yarns said...

I love the hand knit socks hung out to dry as a sign of spring!

Hope to see you soon,
KnittedYarns, aka Heidi