Friday, April 23, 2010

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Long story about a secret knitting project and travel knitting. I needed to add stitch markers and had a pile of loose ones. Knew I'd be adding the markers while in the car. Time was running very short to get the travel knitting ready.

Went looking for something to contain the stitch markers. I have plenty of little tins, bags, fortune-cookie-looking things that are perfect to hold stitch markers. But couldn't find a single one. Looked in the pantry for a snack-sized ziplock bag. Nope. Only had the gallon size. (And I happen to like using plastic stitch markers! Little rings of yarn don't work for me.)

I was resigned to dumping the stitch markers in the bag with the yarn and needles and had visions of stitch markers bouncing all over the car. Then I saw it! On the coffee table, next to the stitch markers was an Eileen Fisher sweater pin. Perfect!


YesterUkes said...

Aren't you a genius? And it's cute, too

margaret in manhattan said...

good for you! I've been using the metal stitch holders to hold stitch markers for years now - actually someone once gave me a set of sterling silver stitch markers that came on a sterling stitch/holder pin - makes for pretty jewelry as well ...glad you finally got on the band wagon ;o)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! The Eileen Fisher sweater pin is quite stylish too.

Jackie said...

I like plastic stitch markers too!