Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pollen Forecast

Right now, I'm sitting in our apartment with the windows shut and the air conditioning on. Allergies. Real bad allergies. I feel as if my head is stuffed full of super-bulky wool.

I ran a couple of chores earlier today. And though my goal was to get home and out of the pollen as quickly as possible, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful everything is.

This street looks magical! I couldn't get a photo that truly captures it. The entire street has a surreal, misty look because of the flowering trees.

The tree on the right must not have gotten the memo that it should be blooming right now.

This tree is in the middle of a busy commercial strip.

But this one is in a little park.

Green and blue--a natural color combination!

The entire front of this building has these trees in front. It's quite a dramatic sight.

Tulips! I think this warm weather has caused them to bloom a little earlier this year.


Jane said...

Beautiful photos! I'm still waiting for some leaves. We have daffodils and forsythias, but bare trees.

Jackie said...

Trees are full of leaves around here and the azaleas are blooming. It's hard not to notice how beautiful it is this time of year!

YesterUkes said...

We had lots of rain yesterday that washed the air. We've had the worst pollen this year that anyone can remember. Maybe our rain will move your way.

Your photos are lovely!

stringplay said...

Yes, definitely pollen season. In fact, I sneezed as I pulled up this post! Love all the photos. I admired all the blooms on my way to work this least what I could see through the yellow fuzzy covering on my windshield! :)
What price spring?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos! It must be magical to walk under so many lovely blossoms.

Bubblesknits said...

Gorgeous! But I'm sneezing just looking at all of it. lol

sherriknits said...

So pretty, it's funny....I was fine until I saw the pictures and now my throat is scratchy!! lol

zippiknits said...

Beautiful pictures Kipster! Thank you for sharing all the beauty.

I'm allergic to most grasses and to the gum trees so abundant around here! Hope you are better by now.