Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seen in NYC

I was in the garden section of Home Depot yesterday and I spotted the following needlecrafter. She graciously allowed me to take her photo and we chatted.

She told me that she knit her sweater from leftover scraps and that she didn't use a pattern. If you click on and enlarge the photo, you'll see there's cables and ribs. I just love the Spring colors! And, remembering Brandon Mably's class, I noted how that yellow stripe makes the other colors pop.

Since yesterday was a chilly, windy day, the needlecrafter had thrown a shawl over her head and shoulders. This was crocheted in the pineapple pattern. She opened it and showed me how large it was and, when asked, she again told me that no pattern was followed.

What a talented lady!


YesterUkes said...

I have encountered a few older folks who could sew any garment from looking at a picture. I took pattern making in college and could only make a stab at doing it that way.

I am in awe of the kind of talent displayed in your blog photo. Makes me wonder how she learned.

Anonymous said...

What talent! That is a wonderful sweater made up from leftover scraps.

Jackie said...

Wow! Her sweater fits her very well too. I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I can pick up my needles and knit something without a pattern.

stringplay said...

I second Jackie; a perfect fit. Wow. This has to be from years of experience. Great work. You are the Fiber Sartorialist!

Iron Needles said...

I am such a pattern follower. I am in awe of those that can do that sort of thing, whether with yarn or fabric.