Friday, May 7, 2010

Knitting Odds and Ends

Am I still knitting these days? There's a secret project on the needles. Sorry, can't talk about it right now.

I'm also working on the sweater--but not too much. I'm trying to do at least two rows a day. Maybe one morning I'll pull it out and discover I have the entire back finished. Not yet, though.

I'm using a Signature circular needle and love it! The tip is pointy and swivels and the join is perfect. Despite my two rows a day, they make me feel like a speedy knitter.

Signature Needle Arts had some difficulty with the second generation circulars--the joins weren't smooth and that causes the knitting to snag. The secret project is on a set of those. I've read that Signature has excellent customer service and so I may be returning that needle for a third generation needle. It probably wouldn't be bothering me if I didn't have this perfect circular.

The secret project is being knit on a size 7 needle. I swatched it on size 6 and size 8 circlon needles. Unfortunately, I don't have a size 7 circlon. I think for a future knitting project, I'll have to use a circlon--they felt unbelievably good!

And that's all I have to report!


Iron Needles said...

I so seriously want some new circs. I have some very inexpensive bamboo(and my very inexpensive, I mean CHEAP!)I bought on ebay early on, which function, but just barely, for my magic looping. Except for socks. I have some really great knitpicks nickel plates for those. Which makes me more aggravated at the bamboos!

YesterUkes said...

After Christmas I bought a set of interchangeable circulars from WEBS and I'm pleased with them. But being a "first generation" knitter, I'm not sure my experience (or lack of) makes my opinion worth much.

But they aren't snagging nor coming undone!

Anonymous said...

Your jacket back looks great! Thanks for sharing your experience with the Signature needles. I like my circlon needles too, though I only have a couple pairs.

margaret in manhattan said...

psst - hey lady - wanna size 7 circlon? just say the secret word, and you just might be able to get one ;o)

ps the sweater looks pretty good - keep up the good work!

stringplay said...

70's there and high 80's here, so a row or two a day on the sweater should work out fine. With wonderful yarn and pattern, just enjoy the journey. OH, and wonderful needles, as well!

Bubblesknits said...

I had wondered about their circs, but haven't bought any. They're so darn expensive!