Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Way We Were

Was cleaning out dresser drawers today and found this from almost six years ago:

The second scarf I made. YIKES! What was I thinking?

Obviously I didn't know alpaca and cashmere yet. The softness of merino and lightness of mohair were unknown to me. So much was ahead--lacy shawls. socks, hats and booties. But, at that time, a little scarf in a glitzy ladder yarn was all I had in my knitting repertoire.

I hesitated when I saw this scarf. I was ready to toss it. But it's good to remember where I once was and it makes me think how much further I still can go.


stringplay said...

This is a nice looking scarf and, at the time you made it, this was the trend in yarns at the time. I'm glad you decided to keep it.

Maryse said...

;-) It's funny! I wish I still had a sweater I knit in high school. I'd sure blog about it too!

Jane said...

Will it ever come back in style? Hope not. But at least whenever you look at it you'll remember your humble beginnings.

Jackie said...

I'm glad you kept it too!

I think all knitters have one scarf with Yuck yarn from their early knitting days.

Anonymous said...

My mom still makes things in that yarn. It is still popular in parts of the mid-west. I like the colors.