Monday, June 28, 2010

Double Cute

A quick, cute baby gift!

I merged two patterns.

For the bib, Grandma's Favorite (Ravelry link) from Nekkedknitter (Scroll down--the pattern is towards the bottom of the page.)

Since I'd never done an applied i-cord, I followed the applied i-cord instructions from the Baby Bandana Bib (Ravelry link,)

Yarn: from Pisgah Yarns--Peaches & Creme
Needle: Size 8--but I used size 7 for the i-cord.


stringplay said...

That is great merging (and some very even corners).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing how you made the bibs. They are really cute.

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute and practical too! I am awed by your M&A activity!

Jackie said...

So cute! The applied Icord looks like a perfect application.

minipurl said...

Love these....must make one, or two....soon.
Thanks :)