Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Adirondack Birthday

Yesterday I had an excellent

While hubster and I are spending the week at one Adirondack lake, one of his brothers and family are spending the week at Lake Placid. That's about an hour away from us. We had planned on getting together one day this week and then another brother and sister (hubster has four of each) who live sort of nearby decided they also had time to come to Lake Placid for a day. Schedules were consulted and yesterday--my birthday--was the day. Many thanks to the BIL and SIL who coordinated and hosted the gathering.

I can't believe I didn't take a photo of the lake! But if you look past the hubster and a BIL, it's there in the background. (BTW, the lake is Mirror Lake not Lake Placid.) It's really a gorgeous view from their place.

Much to my surprise there were some birthday festivities --cards

and, after a delicious lunch, I was presented with a huge, tasty birthday cupcake!

And we held an "orange food" tasting. There has been some dispute in the hubster's family as to who makes the best puffy orange cheese food snack. So this seemed a good opportunity to settle this.

The winner? Wise Cheese Doodles. However, there is much controversy surrounding the result because there was some vote changing and one of the voters may not have tasted all the puffy snacks. Plus only a small sample present participated in the tasting. And only four of the nine siblings were there. This doesn't seem very scientific to me. (My favorite? Snyder's of Berlin Cheese Curls. Not that I'm a sore loser or anything.)

Hubster and I then went into the village of Lake Placid for some birthday gift shopping. It's been a birthday tradition to add a charm or two to my silver, summer charm bracelet every year. This year the moose and the pine tree were added.

And a perfect birthday wouldn't be complete without a visit to a yarn store. Nice store with some lovely yarns. No yarn was bought, though. But I did pick up the new issue of Interweave Knits.

When hubster and I returned to our cabin, we enjoyed a birthday dinner of cheese (the real stuff--not "cheese food") and some homegrown (by a BIL) tomatoes and cucumbers. I love, love, love homegrown tomatoes and I really enjoyed these. And while watching for and hoping for a magnificent Adirondack sunset, I sipped the Vermont chardonnay that was a gift from a SIL.

The sunset didn't get the memo that it was supposed to be spectacular. But it was still a pleasant way to end the day.

And even if I don't win the 64 million dollar lottery (ticket thanks to a SIL)--I would say my birthday was a winner!


YesterUkes said...

I like your family. Any family that has a cheese puff taste off has to be great! My hubby is an only child, so for us, it's cheese puffs for two.

Beautiful lake photo.

Iron Needles said...

Happy birthday! Looks like a great time is being had in a lovely place.

stringplay said...

It certainly looks as though you won the Birthday Lottery. What a great day! Love the charms and charm bracelet. And what a lake view!! I'm guessing another cheese puff tasting will be called.

Chris W. said...

Perfectly said Mary. Glad to be part of a neat birthday.

SIL Chris

Lynne said...

Happy Happy Adirondack Birthday!

Cheese Doodles by far are THE BEST!!! Did you know that the inventor of Cheese Doodles just passed away the other day? I bought a bag in honor of him. I can't have those in my house because the bag disappears before I know it! ;)

Lovely vacation spot. And I love that charm bracelet! What lovely charms ... love the Adirondack chair one.

Jacqui said...

Belated Happy Birthday from here in the woods!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad you had such a wonderful day.

Bubblesknits said...

lol That sounds like something my family would do (the cheese puff controversy). Glad you had a great birthday and I love the charm bracelet!

Jackie said...

How fun! I have a feeling the cheese puff results are going to be thrown out because there was not full representation from the family.

The DeDe said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mary! It looks like you had an amazing trip! I've visited Adirondack Yarns before and I love the little coffee shop next door.

Devorah said...

Happy Belated Birthday!