Sunday, August 8, 2010


In the last Snit n'Knit post, I decided to bring five projects on vacation. Two bags worth of projects.

But when it came time to load the car, our building's elevator broke. We live on the sixth floor. It would have been impossible to schlep our ton of stuff down six flights of stairs. So we had to edit the boxes, bags, suitcases down to about half a ton and the knitting was a casualty of this downsizing. Two projects --- one bag.

I thought I had grabbed the striped baktus and the almost-completed clapotis.

Yep, that's the striped baktus and the Jackie Sweater. OOOOPS!

An unexpected change in my knitting plans. But that's OK.

Another change:

Look at that temperature! That's what it was when we arrived at the lake. Downright chilly then and, during the night, it got even chillier. Big change from the 90+ NYC temperatures!

However, there are some things that never change. And, for this, I'm happy!


Jackie said...

The temperature change sounds fantastic! Still some good knitting projects!

YesterUkes said...

Looks like our lake view did until a few years ago--when the timber company that owned everything across from us sold the land to a developer.

Send some of that cold air our way!

YarnJourney said...

The lake looks beautiful. The cooler weather sounds so refreshing. Have fun working on your projects.

margaret in manhattan said...

so totally jealous of you and Bob! enjoy our birthday in that cold mountain air ... I'll be hiding in a/c as much as humanly possible!