Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Greenmarket Goodies

I approach the Union Square Greenmarket in much the same way as I go to Rhinebeck. I have a plan. First I do online research and take notes. What vendors do others recommend? What's looking good? When I arrive there, my plan is to walk around, look at everything and to jot notes on the places I want to return to.

Then I get to Union Square (or Rhinebeck) and become overwhelmed

by the merchandise and colors. Notes? Plans? What notes and plans??? Yep, just like Rhinebeck!

I go to the greenmarket for the ostrich eggs---NOT!

I went for the tomatoes. I just love, love, love tomatoes this time of year!

Here's my bounty--tomatoes and a few other things.

I immediately made myself lunch from some of these goodies

At least I controlled myself enough that I didn't start gobbling tomatoes before I got home.

One time I went to Rhinebeck and wound yarn in the parking lot. And if I had needles with me, I probably would have started knitting something from the yarn. I'm not known for my restraint when it comes to yarn (or tomatoes.)


stringplay said...

What a COLORFUL trip! Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

YarnJourney said...

Farmer's markets are best without a list. Spontaneity adds so much to life. Enjoy your bounty!

knithound brooklyn said...

Consuming massive quantities of tomatoes this time of year is your civic duty! They are spectacular this year. As is the corn!

Anonymous said...

Awww, Mary, I would have gone with you had I known!

Wanna split a 25 lb. box of San Marzano tomatoes to make sauce for the freezer?


Linda said...

Know what you mean about the tomatoes. Our local wave pool has been hosting local farmers 3 days a week to sell their goodies. I've been getting some great fresh produce.

minipurl said...

There's yarn there too :)