Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm a matchy-matchy sort of girl. Shoes and purse must be the same color. (Except in summer. . . yellow, orange or green purses are OK with black sandals.) Toenails and fingernails must be polished the same. (Um. . . summer exception again.) And undies? Yes, of course, they have to match. (However there is a dirty laundry exception.)

Seriously, though, I really, really, really am a matchy-matchy girl!

I have two pairs of green gloves that I rarely wear because none of my scarves have green in them.

So for the Knitters Review Retreat mindless knitting project, I decided to make a scarf to go with the gloves. But after a couple of false starts of both yarn and pattern,

I finally decided on the 22.5 Degrees Scarf using the recommended Wollmeise. Yes, the life-changing, magical Wollmeise is in my stash. However, it wasn't first choice because I thought it wouldn't match the gloves.

I was wrong. Horribly wrong. The rhabarber colorway matches and complements the gloves beautifully. And the feel and drape of the Wollmeise is incredibly wonderful! I knew immediately we had a match!


YesterUkes said...

Like your choice. Thanks to little Miss Lila Kate, I'm in my third shirt this morning--so it's a good thing I don't REQUIRE matching! I've just given up.

minipurl said...

Beautiful :)
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding a match! Love the rhabarber colorway.

Jackie said...

I stick with black - shoes and bag - makes everything simple!

LOVE the scarf with your gloves. Perfect! I have a couple of skeins of WM but haven't found the perfect pattern for it yet.