Saturday, November 6, 2010

Finally Finished

These bibs were almost two months in the making. Yes, I set them aside and got distracted by many, many other things. They sat for the longest while without the i-cord ties and border. But, being I was seeing the baby's grandmother yesterday, I finally finished them.

This is such a cute, easy pattern. However, I changed it up a bit by using the instructions for the applied i-cord and the ties from this bib.

The yarn used is Peaches & Creme.


YesterUkes said...

Can tell you from our last three months with new granddaughter--you can't have enough bibs! Lila Kate goes through a basket full every day. These are too cute!

stringplay said...

I really prefer your I- cord modification. Like Dianne said, one can never have too many, especially really useful ones. Hooray for getting them done in time.

Anonymous said...

I like your modification too! The bibs are lovely.