Sunday, October 24, 2010

Almost a Blog Entry

I promised myself that I wouldn't post another blog entry till I finished something--


The Clapotis is finished!

Well. . . sort of. I still have stitches to drop and ends to weave in.

Consider this sort of a blog entry.


stringplay said...

The knitting is finished so it definitely counts! The colors in this are just fabulous. This is going to feel great now that cooler weather is here.

The DeDe said...

Ha ha ha! You got me laughing out loud.

Kate B said...

Pretty colors! Dropping the stitches was so scary for me at first - then it got to be fun!

Anonymous said...

The yarn you chose is lovely, perfect for the clapotis. I agree, the knitting is done, so sharing now is still sticking with our promise.

YesterUkes said...

I'm impressed. I just looked at the pattern. That would terrify me. I like the ones with only two lines of instructions. Hope one day you ladies and your knitting confidence will rub off on me.

Can't wait to see the photo of you wearing it.