Wednesday, October 6, 2010




I'm weak--I'm the first to admit it. I tried to resist this yarn. I really did. But all it took was a gentle nudge. You know who I'm talking to, Jane.

What will this tweedy, yummy deliciousness be? That was an easy decision--Brooklyn Tweed's Wayfarer Scarf. I just love the look of the lines of this scarf. For somebody who barely passed NYS's geometry Regents Exam, it amazes me how my eye is drawn to knits that incorporate strong linear designs. And Mrs. Lenz, my geometry teacher, would be even more stunned since, in high school, I couldn't even figure out what a line was.

Yarn specifics: The color is almanac. I bought it at Loop--but the yarn can also be bought on Jared Flood's / Brooklyn Tweed's website.

I think I'll wind a skein of the yarn tonight and try it out during the game tonight.


knithound brooklyn said...

This new yarn line is truly stunning. I can't wait to see your scarf.

Jane said...

I've just finished the first part of Chart B. It's amazing in every way!

margaret in manhattan said...

I do believe that it can also be bought at Purl in Soho - right here in the Big Apple ;o)

EileenNY said...

Resistance is futile!

stringplay said...

I had not seen that scarf. It is going to look great in that color. I'm craving some scarf knitting myself. Maybe I can just watch yours instead.

Bubblesknits said... does it knit up? I'm trying to be good and not buy some until I've heard some reviews.

yarnandyarns said...

Not sure which I like more -- the pattern or that yarn. It's going to be stunning.