Sunday, October 3, 2010

Signs of Change

The season (and temperatures) have changed. Some signs of:

Empty outdoor cafes on these chilly days

Pumpkins and gourds for sale

Christmas and Hanukkah displays in stores

No more pale, summery manicures and a handknit scarf

And, best of all, these tee-shirts:

A closer look--


YesterUkes said...

Welcome, fall. Glad to see you!

Jolene said...

You had me until those last two images -- did I mention I'm a Twins girl at heart? Good thing we have a love of yarn to unite us! ;-)

stringplay said...

Flannel at last! Wow. Hard to believe Christmas and Hanukkah things are out already, but it will all be here (and past!) before we know it. Can you believe the Braves got in through a back door?