Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too Cute

Want to see something cute?

How about this.

These, too.

Here's a whole bunch of cuteness.

All of these sweet sweaters were made by my friend Roz--an extraordinary knitter. What pattern does she follow? None. Nada. No pattern necessary. She's made so many baby sweaters over the years that she can sit down and start knitting in whatever stitch and style she feels like at that moment.

And each sweater turns out perfect.

All of these cuties are gifts for babies present and future. There's babies who haven't been thought of yet who'll be the lucky recipients. I tell Roz she needs to make something for herself. She says she will---right after she makes another baby sweater.


YesterUkes said...

Those are ADORABLE! If she's lacking recipients, there's a cute sweaterless baby here. :-)

stringplay said...

I agree. Absolutely adorable. I say as long as Roz is having fun wither knitting, she should keep on with the cuteness. Thanks for sharing them.