Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas 2010 in NYC

I don't need the grand scenes in this city to get me into the Christmas spirit.
(Click on each photo to make larger.)

The trees and wreaths and lights in my neighborhood are enough for me.

And sometimes the smallest unexpected Christmasy thing makes me smile.


vi said...

now see when i used to be closer to nyc, i would go to the met for the angel tree
i miss that tree
it's the reason i make porcelain dolls

YesterUkes said...

I have so enjoyed your holiday photos. Everything looks so festive! Christmas in New York is different from our Christmas in the country.

We sat outside last night watched a church pageant, complete with shepherds in bathrobes and angels with cardboard wings. The sheep, donkeys and goats belonged to church members who loaned them for the night. It was beautiful and quiet. Until the shepherds campfire caught the grass on fire!

Isn't it nice that there are so many ways to celebrate?

stringplay said...

City street lights, even stop lights....even cookie cutters. It us Christmas all around us. Hope we have many slow and quiet moments to savor and enjoy. ALL of these photos are wonderful and I, too, have been enjoying. A visit to NYC without the travel or tired feet. I think I'd feel at home on your street.

Jackie said...

It looks absolutely wonderful!

Pat said...

Mary, your photo essay put me right in the Christmas mood. Over here in Rhode Island we did some Christmas caroling at a retirement home to get into the spirit.

Can't wait to see the Chef Bob Christmas creation photo!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I love all your photos.