Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Snowy Day

Another snowy day here in NYC. However, this time, I won't see anybody skiing down the street.

(Photo was taken on 12/27--after the blizzard of 20 inches of snow.)

Today's snow was short-lived and we only had a dusting of about an inch and a half.

Carrying an umbrella in the snow--this is something I just don't get it! Never saw such a thing till I moved to NYC.

In the photo, you can also see piles of garbage on the sidewalk. Because of the blizzard, my block hasn't had a garbage pick-up since before Christmas. (The Sanitation trucks double as snow plows. When the workers plow, they don't pick-up the garbage.)

After getting chores done early this afternoon, it was then a good day to get caught up with some neglected knitting

That's Ann Hanson's Cabled Keyhole Scarf. Cute and quick. A lot like this snowfall.


Devorah said...

And of course, not one garbage truck was out picking up trash today because they were all waiting to plow.

YesterUkes said... the scarf. We are looking for 6-8 inches this time. But not until Monday. Time to get everything in order.

Wishing now I had worked on Thru The Woods hood all week. Will be cold enough to need it.

stringplay said...

First, I can't imagine seeing someone skiing down my street. It just seems so odd. Almost as odd as an umbrella in the snow. Second, your scarf looks fantastic. So soft and yummy. I'm sure the cable has been fun to watch emerge. Stay in and stay warm!

Jolene said...

Love the scarf and the photos. The first time I saw someone with an umbrella in the snow was in Baltimore; even now, a good 20+ years later, it still looks odd. Happy winter knitting!

Anonymous said...

Love the scarf! Stay warm. I can't imagine garbage piling up on the street. Living in a suburb really is a whole different way of life from living in a city.

minipurl said...

The scarf is gorgeous. Awesome snow pictures too.
Stay warm :)

Bubblesknits said...

I have serious doubts about our garbage being picked up tomorrow (due to the 4-6 inches we got here), but I can't imagine not pick up since before Christmas. O.o