Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a Weekend!

Kudos to Vogue Knitting for organizing this. This was their first time doing such a thing and, despite some kinks, it was a fabulous weekend! Hosting 3,000 people in New York City can't be easy. But they pulled it off.

I loved catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones. Thursday afternoon, I sat in the hotel's lobby and chatted with knitters from upstate NY, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland and from a few blocks away. Lots of chatting, a few drinks, busy knitting hands.

Friday morning, I was up and out the door by dawn and wondered why the heck I was out so early on such a snowy day.

This is why!

Leslye Solomon teaching Continental Knitting. Terrific class--fabulous teacher! (More about this during the week.)

Later the same day--the marketplace opened. About 50 or so vendors on two levels.

Yarn? Though there was incredible, beautiful yarn---I really don't need any more yarn. But there was more than yarn at the marketplace. My major purchases were needles--the Signature needles in the two new sizes and Blackthorn dpns.

Um. . .yes, there's yarn in the photo, too. I couldn't resist a bit of yarn--Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool--that was practically a steal!

On Saturday, met some out-of-town friends for an early lunch. It was so early, it was really breakfast. And I took another class--Fixing Mistakes in Lace Knitting with Brooke Nico. This was another excellent class with the most wonderful teacher. Brooke took away a lot of the scary from lace knitting for me.

But I don't have any photos!

But picture this:
A hotel room converted into a classroom. A table in the middle of the room with two table lamps on it. (Terrible lighting for knitting.) A dozen knitters ripping out nine partial rows of their lace sample and then knitting them up again. Brooke was a patient and attentive teacher and I can't wait to make some mistakes in my knitting so I can use her technique.

On Saturday, I also went to a Vogue Knitting fashion show:

I'll make this dress when I grow another 12 inches and lose 100 pounds!

This sweater is so pretty. The back of it is all smocking.

A beach cover-up that will be in the Summer 2011 magazine.

And then there was the real-life fashion show:

So many talented people in one place!

Vogue Knitting will be bringing this event to Los Angeles, CA in September--but, I do hope they also come back to NYC!


YesterUkes said...

I've been waiting to read about your weekend. Sounds wonderful and I'm having fun "being there" via your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Jolene said...

So jealous -- would have loved to have been there. Thanks for the recap!

stringplay said...

Thanks for the fashion show and ALL the great photos. Looks like a fabulous show. So glad you enjoyed it.

zippiknits said...

Thank you, Mary, for all the wonderful photos of the Vogue event. NYC is a much better place to have it than Los Angeles, inho. :o)

Iron Needles said...

Lucky lucky you! Thanks for the play by play, though.

Are you enjoying the new needles?

Zephyr23 said...

What a delightful report with gorgeous pictures. Lucky you!