Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday!

OOOOOOH! Balloons! There must be a party going on!

Lots of guests

CAKE! Two different types--and snacks, too.

Pearl-- the gracious hostess.

My party favors--a free pattern and a tchotchke box

And a gift for me from me to celebrate Knitty City's 5th birthday.

Knitty City is such terrific yarn store! Over the past five years, I've asked countless questions, bought I'm-afraid-to-think-of-how-much yarn and have taken some great classes. I often wonder if I'd be knitting if this store hadn't opened. I probably would be--but it wouldn't be as much fun.


margaret in manhattan said...

Zephyr! my absolute FAVORITE laceweight yarn in the universe!

YesterUkes said...

Lucky ducky you to have such a lovely shop nearby. I've just found a new one only 23 miles away and I'm excited.

minipurl said...

Knitty City is such an awesome place to be, party or not.
So great to see the pictures. Love your beautiful, blue yarn :)

NutmegOwl said...

Next time I visit there, I'll make sure to go with you! As one who has no LYS anymore, I'm glad you have a happy yarn home.

EileenNY said...

How wonderful! What fun! I'm sorry I missed it but I'm glad you were there to enjoy it. Next time you're in, please tell Pearl Happy Birthday for me!

stringplay said...

It looks like a fabulous shop. So glad I get to party - at least vicariously. It must be so inspiring to see so many great yarns up close.

zippiknits said...

There is no shop I've seen that rivals Knitty City. Wow!