Sunday, November 27, 2011

So What Did People Wear?

The Knitters Review Retreat is a knitting fashion show! Everywhere I looked, there was something more beautiful to gawk at. Here's a few.

There were plenty of sweaters and vests worn in chilly Canandaigua.

The laces were gorgeous!

And at any gathering of knitters, there's always a pretty Clapotis

Garter stitch striped shawls were popular--I love their look.

But IF I had to choose my favorite piece of knitwear--believe me, this is tough--I'd pick this stunning catkin. It has texture and garter stitch stripes and slip stitches and buttons and, no, it isn't on my needles. . . yet.


Mimi said...

I had just told my daughter that the best part of SAFF was seeing all the knits people were wearing. But in your cold weather, you had a much wider range of hand knits! Love them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I made it on your blog! And I agree that Nancy's Catkin is fantastic....I bought yarn for it at the retreat and will cast on as soon as my door prize Motheye shawl (made with Spirit Trail Nona) is complete.

Hope you and Bob had a nice Thanksgiving Mary.


Nancy Bauer said...

Thanks, Mary -- I'm honored! You can't go wrong with madtosh merino light (now my most favorite yarn EVER, at least until next Thursday...) and a fabulous pattern.


margaret in manhattan said...

great pix, Mary - of course I should make a valiant attempt to finish my catkin, which has been hiding in a lovely box that I bought to keep some of my UFOs! and I totally agree - TML is one of the best yarns ever!

stringplay said...

Wow! Everything pictured is just gorgeous. I know it is fun to get to see so many patterns not only in person, but being worn. That must really really be inspiring and make one want to cast on about a dozen things at once. I loved them all and I'm only looking at pictures. : )

stringplay said...

P.S. I love that Green Sweater in photo 2 is taking a picture of Colorwork Sweater from photo 1 as you are taking her picture. It is like the congo line for hand knit photography.

Jan said...

Wow, some gorgeous knits there. I'm fascinated by the Catkin, but I don't know if I have the skills. It looks complicated. Sorry about your turkey mishap, but corned beef sounds yummy, and much better than sending your diners away with botulism! No turkey is worth that experience. Just think, your kitchen faucet could have broken off the sink, and you would have been doing dishes in the bathtub! Don't ask.