Thursday, December 1, 2011


While at the last breakfast at the Knitters Review Retreat, I saw the most amazing handknit. It was the sort of knit that makes me want to put down my knitting forever. My little, small efforts to produce something out of needles and yarn pale in comparison to this sweater:


That's a fair isle sweater a woman knit for her son when he went off to college and that's the inside of the sweater. The "ugly," non-public side. When the woman explained how she knit the sweater, she completely lost me. But, somehow, there's seams in the sweater and she doesn't like the look of seams. So she covered them. However, she knit the college's motto into one seam cover and, on the other, her son's name and year he would graduate.

As gorgeous as the outside of the sweater was, the inside was magnificent!

I'll never, ever be this caliber of knitter--but--seeing what is possible is inspiring.


margaret in manhattan said...

Mary, as I've said before, fair isle knitting is so less complicated than anyone thinks! ;o) if you really want to make a fair isle something, you can do it!

stringplay said...

Wow! And again, WOW! What a special sweater. I hope he takes good care of it and years from now looks back and remembers not only wonderful college memories, but how much thought and love went into this gift. Thanks for sharing.

Jolene said...

That attention to detail is amazing. Lucky kid!

Anonymous said...

That is the MOST beautiful Fair Isle. I spoke to that knitter too and I was wowed by her knitting!

Gerstperson said...

Thanks for all the kind words. For those who are wondering, this sweater was given to my son in 2001, and when he outgrew it (yes, he grew in college), I took custody of it. He has always taken good care of all the handknits I've given him.