Sunday, December 4, 2011

Final Retreat Post

Yes, two weeks later and I still have more to say about the Knitters Review Retreat--but--this is it!

First, many thanks to the Knitters Review Retreat Hostess with the Mostess (of yarn), Clara Parkes. Clara's careful planning makes it such an easy and relaxing weekend for the participants.

Clara provided a beautiful place where we could knit by the fire.

and laugh with friends.

She made sure we had souvenirs from this special 10 year anniversary of the Knitters Review Retreat

and that we had plenty of interaction with yarn. (This is a photo of the stash lounge. It didn't look like this by Sunday!)

The classes I took were terrific! In Cat Bordhi's creativity class, I was gently nudged out of my knitting safety zone. Cat got us to randomly put knitting elements together to design a cowl. There's something very exciting and freeing about this.

Ann Budd's kitchener class was held early on Saturday morning. I'd had a very late night and, though my brain understood, my fingers weren't cooperating. But kitchener I attempted and kitchener I'm not afraid of anymore!

This is not a pretty sight! I know I can do better than what this looks like. I used a contrasting color to show the work.

I had a great deal of restraint in the marketplace and purchased only some gorgeous Briar Rose yarns.

This is Glory Days. DK Blue Faced Leicester.

And this is sport weight Nate's Sock Yarn:

Now it's all a happy memory! But I do hope that 50 weeks from today I'm all sad because I'll be returning home from the Knitters Review Retreat 2012!


Mimi said...

How much fun! All these people I only get to read about. I've enjoyed reading about your time there.

Clara said...

Oh Mary! I loved seeing you. As always, it all went by far too quickly.

stringplay said...

I'd be counting down the weeks, too. Looks like SO much fun. Glad you had another great year with that group. Clara looks like such a sweet person.

Bullwinkle said...

I'm counting the weeks too :) and Clara just said we have one less week to count.

I'm catching up this morning - and I'm loving your blog. Nice recaps. I still can't seem to wrap my brain around it all.