Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seen in New York

While out and about today, I ran into a friend and a friend of hers. Look--a hand-knit scarf! A friend of my friend's friend knitted the scarf.


It looked fabulous. The length is just right and the color is a perfect match of her eyes.

I mumbled," Teva Durham's Corkscrew Scarf". But since neither my friend nor her friend are knitters, they didn't catch what I said. But I do love playing "I Can Name That Knit in Two Seconds! "


minipurl said...

Beautiful.... and it's not even blue ;0

Madam Butterfly said...

Lovely scarf!

Wishing you best in the New Year!

Thank you for your comment on my blog!

stringplay said...

I rarely see hand knits out and about so I probably wouldn't be as quick playing your Name That Knit game. Would be fun, though.

Bullwinkle said...

I love! playing "Name that Knit". Though I am sad when the person wearing the knitted item does not share my enthusiasm ;)