Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Color is King

And Kaffe Fassett is the King of Color.

"I love the structure of geometric things, but let color be King."

Kaffee Fassett had a book signing at Knitty City this evening. OH MY! Many of his designs may not be my cup of tea, but I have to admire the creativity and genius of his designs and colorwork.

Kaffe (rhymes with "safe"), makes it all look so easy. Have fun, play with color is his message. Says he, "Take my designs and put your personality into it by using your own colors." "If you can count to 10, then you can follow the charts." "There's not much to knitting. It's all so easy, once you learn the technique."

The Gridlock Throw:

The Dark Daisies Sweater:

The Houses Vest:

Foolish Virgins Scarf:

Brandon Mably demonstrated how to link one color to another by twisting the yarns around each other where they meet on the wrong side.

And did I mention how blue Kaffe Fassett's eyes are?

I bought Kaffe's new book and took some time looking through it as one would peruse an art book. Like I said above: OH MY! I could spend the rest of my life studying the designs and colors of many of the items.

I'm not exactly going to cast on any of them, however, perhaps a very small colorwork project inspired by these incredible items may be on my knitting agenda soon.

Kaffe Fassett will be making another NYC appearance this week on Thursday, November 1 at 6:00PM in the Haft Auditorium at FIT. (West 27th St, Bldg C). Neither pre-registration nor tickets are required.

And check out Margaret's blog for a peek at her gorgeous Kaffe Fassett sweaters that are on display at Knitty City.


margaret in manhattan said...

thanks for the pr!

sherriknits said...

I have to tell you a funny story about how I came to know about Kaffe Fassett. We were on vacation a couple of summers ago and I went into a quilt store in this little town to see that they had put in a great selection of yarn. There was a scarf on display near the front of the yarn section that caught my eye. The more I looked at it, the more fascinated I got. It was one of his designs...poppies. I went back the next day and looked at it again and finally got someone to help me (hard place to get waited on) She had no idea where the pattern was so asked me to call later. I called and they had no idea what to tell me. Call back, they said. So I did. Finally they told me to call the instructor who was going to teach a class on it. She and I had the best visit and she told me he had actually stayed at her house and had knit part of that scarf! Wow! So, the next day I walked back to the shop (we were in an RV park out of town and it was a long walk)...there was a big hole where the scarf had been on display. I never could get help again and I could only assume that after I had called so many times and no one had answers, they just put it all away. I got 3 of his books after I'd seen that scarf and I doubt I'd actually make any of the designs, I absolutely love them all.