Friday, October 12, 2007

October Dreaming

Cool weather is finally here! And that means handknit wooly socks are being worn.

And socks are being dreamt of that are

the color of fall flowers.

October Snit:
The baseball season may be over for this Yankee fan--but, I'm dreaming of Pitchers and Catchers.


sherriknits said...

i am sorry for our end of season and ours....seems like a long wait.
i like your socks!

Jane said...

Hey! You're wearing my shoes! Oh, well, I can get them back at the Retreat... :)

StringPlay said...

Those are nice looking socks and I LOVE that new sock yarn. It isn't quite wool sock weather here, but it is SO much nicer now that it is a little cooler. As for baseball: there is always next year!

Windyridge said...

Yep I'm gonna break out my wool sock collection shortly.

Anne said...

Well I can't really root for the Yanks for you, but I will say the new yarn is gorgeous, and I am also thrilled that it's cooling down here in Georgia. SO glad to feel a bit of fall!

Linda said...

Love your socks and that yarn is going to make another handsome pair. Reading your blog makes me want to run out and buy yarn!!