Monday, October 29, 2007

Summer Memories

Remember way back in July? The feather and fan shawl I started--nice and boring. The blue of it reminded me of the North Country's sky and the ripples mimicked the ripples in the lake where we vacationed.

Well, it's finished!

As these NYC days grow chillier and darker, I'll remember those boring, lazy summer days of sky, sun and water.

As I wrote in July:

"Trees, rocks, water. Ducks and canoes. The daily visit to the ice cream stand. BBQ on Saturday night. Logging trucks. Motor boats. Sitting in Adirondack chairs on the dock. Jewel-toned sunsets. Drinking coffee on the porch. Bears everywhere!"

Happy memories to wrap around me this winter.


StringPlay said...

Mary, this looks BEAUTIFUL! Didn't it block great?! A perfect reminder of the summer.

sherriknits said...

It's beautiful!!! I love the memories it will bring.

So lots going on with the Yankees these days!

zippiknits said...

Kipster, it sure is a gorgeous shawl. I love that color, too. It looks like a steel gray, for want of a fancier name for it. Your feather and fan blocked out beautifully. On the weather, I won't be missing summer even if it doesn't show up for two more years. Had enough!

Windyridge said...

Ack! I am already missing that kind of thing. Gonna be a loooong winter for me.

The DeDe said...

Wow, Mary! It looks just perfect. Snuggle up next to the radiator and wrap yourself up ;-)

Devorah said...

It came out wonderfully! Wear it well!