Friday, November 9, 2007

Gone Knittin'

In about seven hours, I'll be heading north to Lenox, MA for the Knitters Review Retreat. A weekend of knitting, spinning, chatting and laughing with other fiber loving individuals. Chocolate will also be involved.

I'm still deciding the WIPs to tote along. And I've lost my wrist ace bandage. The various knitting bags are in competition as to which one will hold the (undecided) WIPs. I should have polished my favorite silver bracelet. One of my hand-knit socks has a hole in it. I'm having a hard time choosing which book to bring along. And did I mention that it's now 1:30 AM?

Other than that, I'm ready to go!


StringPlay said...

I hope you have the most Marvelous, most Fun, most Relaxing, Happiest Knitting Time EVER. Take a picture for us stay-at-homes!

sherriknits said...

What was the ace bandage for? Did I miss something?
How fun to go on a retreat like this!!!!

Devorah said...

Have a great time! And what was the ace for?