Monday, November 12, 2007

A Postscript on Feather and Fan

For those of you who suffered thru the sad tale of the feather and fan shawl during July:

Here's a couple of photos that will show the feather and fan in a new light:

Yes, that's knitting guru Pam Allen fondling and praising my feather and fan shawl!

She likes it! She really likes it!

More about the Knitters Review Retreat in the next couple of days. It was wonderful and overwhelming! Talented, friendly knitters, gorgeous hand-knit items, beautiful setting, gracious inn--and do I dare mention cashmere?! I promise, all will be seen soon.


rho said...

What a super picture of - wasn't the talk she gave great - and I may actually have some lace knitted for next year.

So if you had to choose between chocolate and cashmere???

rho said...

I am so tired I didn't even finish my thought -- What a super picture of Pam Allen and your shawl :D maybe I should wait until I have some sleep befor posting anywhere ...

StringPlay said...

Touched by greatness! Mary, I had no idea your beautiful F&F was so long! Sometimes I think my favorite think about textiles are the memories they hold.

Jane said...

Well, of course Pam was fondling your shawl! It's so beautiful!

I am so completely happy that I finally got to meet you, too!