Sunday, November 25, 2007

Half-Baked Thoughts

I'm in a bit of a knitting rut--but, I'd prefer to think of it as the confusion one has before a burst of activity. So many things I'd like to get to, but I can't settle on any one project.

First up:
Another pair of twee booties

It took me two weeks to knit this one. Yes, this is the bootie that takes one hour. However, I must have knitted and frogged it about four times. Silly mistakes. After the final frog, it did take only an hour to knit up. Where's the second one? Well, gee, no rush--the baby is only five days overdue.

Next up:

At the Knitters Review Retreat, there's the New Beginnings tradition where we start a new project. Something that might be a challenge. I had a fear of cables. Never did 'em and was somewhat wary of them.

This was my New Beginnings project. The Good Ole Cabled Scarf. Pretty. I like the pattern. But, boring. OK, OK I get cables--but, I don't see the need to complete this project. Off to the frog pond.

However, I felt guilty about not doing a cable project. So I designed a lace and cable scarf:

It was great fun to pore over stitch patterns and try to match a lace and cable. Eventhough my head was going to explode, I even enjoyed the Math. And making little marks in boxes--pure joy. But, the actual knitting of--OH--that's another story.

Then there's the Artyarns Beaded Silk Rhapsody that's asking to be made into the Filgree Wrap from Lacy Little Knits. Perfect for holiday parties. And it looks like a quick enough knit.

And socks--there's always socks.

Yarn is from Sundara -- colorway is Chimney.

And how about Clara's book? Aren't there one or two or seven or ten lovely projects from that wonderful book that are begging to be knit?

Too many choices! I think I'll go toast my head for a while and think about it all.


Jane said...

Hey, my cat does that too! And I'm in the same project boat -- so much yarn, so many possibilities...things could be worse, I suppose.

StringPlay said...

Toasting one's head seems like a great idea! Thanks for including that last picture. It brought out a complete laugh - not just a grin or a snicker. LOVE the blue cable. Is it gone yet? I hate to see it go.

Windyridge said...

I have fear of cable too. My mom taught me how last year, it didn't appear to be hard but of course I have forgotten by now.