Monday, November 19, 2007

I'll be Darned

I knew that someday a hole would spring up in a hand-knit sock,

so I read up on how to repair it. Duplicate stitch seems to be the way to go.

However, this tutorial downright scared me and I ended up repairing the hole my own way. First I secured the stitches around the hole by doing some sort of stitch. Then I joined the sock material and wove the yarn back and forth and up and down to create a patch. Voila! Not pretty and neat--but it seems to have worked.

When I wore the sock today, I couldn't even feel the patch job.

And what's this?

Will more socks be cast on soon?

More socks = less wear and tear on already made socks = fewer holey socks.


StringPlay said...

Way to go! I'm afraid I once tossed a pair with a hole. But, to my defense, they were *apple green* and not great yarn. I was glad to see them go. Yours, however, I loved, so I'm glad you found your own way to save them.

Jane said...

Good save! That's what I'd do -- make it work somehow.

Windyridge said...

"some sort of stitch", you should patent that!

Kara The Midgie said...

I LOVE that yarn. :3 It is so beautiful.

Bummer about the sock but at least you were able to rescue it.